Custom Softball Banner - JoJo Fallen to UAB

Custom Softball Banner – JoJo Fallen to UAB

We were happy to help JoJo Fallen celebrate her accomplishment of signing with the UAB softball team by creating a custom softball banner for her big signing day. The custom softball design features her new team, the UAB Blazers, Birmingham Vipers, and Prattville High School.  A big thanks to her mom for choosing us to create the custom softball banner to help with event.

JoJo also played travel softball for the Birmingham Vipers under Jeff Gillespie.  On that team, Jojo excelled in various local and national ASA softball tournaments and events throughout her career as a third baseman.  The Blazers softball team will be getting a great player for their program.

Good luck on the rest of your season at Prattville High School and for the upcoming years on the UAB softball team.