Custom Senior Basketball Banners - Hickory Flat Rebels

Custom Senior Basketball Banners – Hickory Flat Rebels

We were happy to work with Hickory Flat High School and the challenge presented for their custom senior basketball banners for the Rebel basketball teams.  We had a custom design that was preferred, but the layout was originally setup to work in a more vertical environment.  For their gym setup, we needed a horizontal layout to make it work in the available spaces.  The staff worked to create a new design based off our Rappa Delight that brought in some new elements that translated to be a big hit!  A big thanks to Kim Cook for all her hard work to help make it all happen!

Are you wanting to recognize your senior basketball players in a way to set your school apart from the rest of the schools in your area?  Show your support for your senior basketball players with a custom senior banner that can make them look awesome on the banner and also help decorate your gym, while showing your appreciation for all their hard work and dedication on and off the court.