Custom Senior Banners - Lafayette Softball

Custom Senior Banners – Lafayette Softball

We were honored to create custom senior banners for the Lafayette High School softball team in Oxford, MS to help recognize those girls and get the season off to a great start. The design for the Commodore seniors featured an individual photo for each player in the school colors and uniform.  Are you seeking a way to get your seniors pumped for the new softball season? Try a custom banner for your players! While showing off the seniors, you also get to have awesome banners to hang up inside your locker room or outside at the field.  The custom banners serve as a great gift for the player to have as a memorable keepsake of their softball career.

Lafayette High School Commodores are part of the Lafayette County School District.  The mission of the Lafayette County School District is to educate any and the whole child.  They believe that any and all children can exceed at academics, and that citizenship and activities are just as important than the rest. The students gain high expectations while attending school and the teachers and administration strive for the students to achieve them.

Do you want to recognize your seniors with a special memento to show your appreciation?  Show your support for your seniors with a custom senior banner that can make them look like a pro on the banner and also help decorate your field or stadium, while showing your gratitude for all their hard work and dedication on and off the field.